In 2007, during the legendary presentation of the first iPhone, Steve Jobs had cited the famous American scientist in the field of computer systems, Alan Kay:

"People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware"

Having deep experience in software development, we perfectly understood the meaning of this quote - even if you make the best software on Earth, but do not control the hardware on which it works, the final result will depend entirely on the quality, capabilities and limitations laid down by the manufacturer of the hardware.

An ambitious goal in the success of which very few believed.

However as it normally happens when you continue to move forward despite skeptics’ opinion - we have succeeded!

We were very lucky to have formed the strongest team of true professionals that have coped with the task. And with no false modesty we can say that Ivideon has become one of the leading players of cloud-based video surveillance market.

We provide a video surveillance service to the millions of customers around the World. As a technology partner our Cloud is used in a number of products of well-known brands with a worldwide reputation like Philips and Samsung to name a few.

If you now google "Cloud Video Surveillance" (cloud-based video surveillance) - Ivideon will be the top search result in the list!

But with all the wins we had to face the fact that our capabilities were limited by the quality and capabilities of the hardware our software was used with. We saw how it was possible to do better. We understood what needs to be changed in order to provide the user with a more affordable high-quality product. However we did not control the hardware and could not influence it.

An obvious solution was to create a line of our own IP cameras and video recorders. For a long time we could not afford to take such a step due to resources’ limitations.

The situation has changed in 2015. We have grown significantly and have had the opportunity to embody all our ideas and work experience with big-name manufacturers into our own line of video surveillance equipment.

So the Nobelic brand was born.